Sommieres International - Pre-season Race

So finally made my debut on 450, the first race of the season in Sommieres International.
3 good starts, and was in 3rd place in heat 1, but on lap 2 the arm pump started. It got worse and worse, fell down to 10th place.

Heat 2 the riding loosened up a lot, had a good start, but went a bit too far out in the first turn. Was in 6th place for a long time, but fell down to 7th place around halfway.
Superfinal I had another good start, but in turn 2 some crashed in front of me, and I had to wait a long time. Started to catch up, but got some help from another rider in a turn and crashed. Was then more or less last, but rode up to 24th place.
All in all a decent day, a lot of riding, and very good training. Felt I rode well when the arms cooperated, but that’s how it always is in the beginning of the season! So this is a good basis to build on!
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